Stirling council agreed to release 3300$ for shooting of feral corellas

April 29th, 2016 | by LubosTomiska
Stirling council agreed to release 3300$ for shooting of feral corellas

At the beginning of this April, council of Australian city Stirling decided not to shoot corellas which disturb local citizens and foul the city with their poops. However, two weeks later the same council changed their decision and agreed to start with the cull in May. They are going to relase 3300 AUD to reduce number of birds living in that area. Regional on-line newspaper Communitynews has informed about this news in the last week.

Councilor David Michael said that shooting of feral corellas would just „waste money“.

“This is not the City’s duty, these birds fly all over. These birds don’t just hit an imaginary brick wall when they fly out of the City of Stirling. We need some innovation; it doesn’t take long to Google non-lethal control of corellas such as disrupting their nesting,” he added. Initially, Michael convinced most of councilors. However, a few days later Mark Irwin changed their mind.



Their decision disappointed me, said the ministry of environment

“White Corellas are a feral pest, causing extensive damage to street trees, bushland trees and park infrastructure and threatening natural ecosystems,” said the session report.

Politicians agreed to prefer local solution to coordination at national level because they do not believe in rapid agreement with other cities.

“Large flocks of White Corellas are killing existing native trees such as original stands of Jarrah trees at Carine Regional Open Space, as well as competing for nesting hollows and habitat generally indigenous to Perth species,” council added to justify the decision. Terry Tyzack also reminded to his colleagues that city is responsible for fouled roads by cockatoo poops.


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Councilor Karen Caddy believes that 3300$ is not an expensive way to eradicate a pest which causes serious damages. However, ministry of environment Albert Jacob was deeply disappointed about the decision of Stirling council.

“The State Government will not provide any financial support to the City of Stirling unless it resolves to work with the Government and other local authorities in a partnership approach to this problem,” he said.

He believes that cities should coordinate these activities at national level:

“I understand that the Cities of Joondalup, Wanneroo and Swan support this program. I thank them for taking a more broad scale view than the City of Stirling and I will work with other interested local governments on local control programs irrespective of the City of Stirling’s decision.”


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