Speakers of the X. International Parrot Convention: Antonin Vaidl

June 13th, 2022 | by LubosTomiska
Speakers of the X. International Parrot Convention: Antonin Vaidl

Country: Czech Republic

Presentation: Breeding and management of rare parrot species

Antonin Vaidl has been a bird lover all his life. He has been a private parrot breeder from his childhood. He became fascinated with birds and birding at a young age and this passion remained a constant in life through veterinary high school. In 1995 he moved to Prague Zoo to work as keeper and incubator attendant, and from 2002 he worked as assistant to the bird curator. In 2007, he worked as a curator-consultant at BII bird park in the Philippines. After several months he came back and since 2008 he became curator of birds in Prague Zoo. Over the last 20 years, he has had the opportunity to work with more than 600 different bird species including about 80 parrot species. During his work as a curator, they began to breed Palm cockatoos, Pesquet´s parrots, Hyacinth macaws, Kea parrots, Blue-naped parrots, Golden shouldered parakeets, Yellow and black-billed Jamaican amazons, Red-tailed amazons and other parrot species. The various collection of birds also includes difficult-to-breed fig parrots represented in four species. Antonin is the author of the zoological concept of a new biotope Parrot house for rare parrot species. With his wife Helena – an avian vet – he owns a specialized veterinary welfare clinic focusing on birds. Together they also wrote a comprehensive book on the issue of parrot breeding and veterinary care. Antonin is also the Chairman of the Bird Committee Czech and Slovak Zoos, and he is a member of the IUCN working group for herons and Asian passerines. He´s a member of the Advisory Board of Vulture Conservation Foundation and EEP Coordinator for Egyptian vulture and Rufous Philippines hornbill. As a monitoring person he is responsible for Pesquet´s parrots, Apo-mount lorikeets and Yellow-billed Jamaican Amazons within the EAZA. He publishes articles on the breeding of various species of birds and has presented his lectures in more than 20 countries around the world.

Source: https://www.loroparque-fundacion.org/congreso-papagayos/en/speakers/


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