Speakers of the X. International Parrot Convention: Marcia Weinzettl

May 22nd, 2022 | by LubosTomiska
Speakers of the X. International Parrot Convention: Marcia Weinzettl

Country: Brazil/Spain

Presentation: Sustainable breeding with a view to conservation

Brazilian biologist, postgraduate in wild animals, breeding and management and Curator of birds at Loro Parque and Loro Parque Fundación.

She has been working for more than 30 years in ex-situ breeding, always prioritising research and improvement of breeding techniques. During her first 26 years she managed zoos and renowned breeding centres for psittacine birds in Brazil, obtaining excellent results that have been published in various media.

In 2016 she accepted the invitation to become Bird Curator at Loro Parque and Loro Parque Fundación, where she is adapting and applying the breeding methodology to her main objective, which is to further strengthen the very important global gene pool of psittacines maintained by Loro Parque Fundación. She believes that the adaptation and application of specific methodologies for each species and breeding reality is the main way to achieve the expected results.

She is also the Management and Breeding Consultant for the Integrated Programme in controlled environments of Lear’s Macaw (Anodorhynchus leari) coordinated by ICMBio in Brazil. The Lear’s Macaw is an endangered Brazilian native bird, owned by the Brazilian Government and with which Loro Parque Fundación has an undisputed breeding success. Moreover, the LPF team’s greatest pride was to have sent so far 9 macaws born in our facilities for controlled reintroduction into the wild in the Brazilian Caatinga.

Marcia Weinzettl has given lectures in different parts of the world showing her extensive knowledge with complex tropical psittacine species of South America and psittacine management in general. She has excelled in the management of some species such as the Hyacinth Macaws, (Anodorhynchus hyacinthinus) or the marvellous Guaruba conures, (Guaruba guarouba), with which she obtained impressive numbers of chicks.

The results of her work can be easily seen in the numbers she has achieved during her 5 years of commitment, always with the support of the spectacular team she has been able to build during this time.

Marcia will undoubtedly be one of the international references with whom the congress participants will be able to share and receive information.

Source: https://www.loroparque-fundacion.org/congreso-papagayos/en/speakers/

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