Numbers of CITES I parrot species in the Czech Republic: 145 Hyacinth Macaws, 93 Red-tailed Amazons, …

August 17th, 2016 | by LubosTomiska
Numbers of CITES I parrot species in the Czech Republic: 145 Hyacinth Macaws, 93 Red-tailed Amazons, …

banner-ararauna1The number of Hyacinth macaws kept in the Czech Republic is still increasing. Even in the first half of this year, there were new birds born or imported to the country. For the first time, the number of Hyacinth macaws is higher than number of Blue-headed macaws, which used to be more common in the past. By July 30th, 145 Hyacinth Macaws were recorded in the register which is seven birds more than at the end of the last year. All these data come from statistics of the Czech Ministry of Environment and were published on


Scarlet Macaw is still the most common CITES I macaw

There were 139 Blue-headed macaws registered at the end of this June which is ten less than at the end of the last year. The most common CITES I macaw kept in the Czech aviaries is still the Scarlet Macaw. Since 2004, 446 individuals have been registered there. Blue-winged Macaw takes the second place with 368 birds registered. Military Macaw is another common CITES I species.

Increase is not so evident in Red-fronted Macaws. At the end of the first half-year, 164 birds were registered which is two birds less than at the beginning of this year. No significant changes happened in case of the Blue-throated Macaw. The population size of the Buffon’s Macaw is now 49 individuals. Lear’s Macaws are still present only at Prague ZOO which holds five birds.



CITES I statistics (c) Ministry of Environment, Czech Republic


The number of Red-vented Cockatoo is increasing

What are the news in CITES I cockatoos? The most interesting is growth of captive population of Red-vented Cockatoos. In the first half-year, three birds were added to the Czech aviaries so at this moment there are 13 individuals in total. In other cockatoo species, there have not been any significant changes. The number of Palm cockatoos decreased by two on 64 birds. More common cockatoos are Yellow-crested Cockatoos (248 birds) and Moluccan Cockatoos (169 birds).



Young couple of the Military Macaw (c) Lubomir Tomiska


Population of Red-browed Amazon and Red-tailed Amazon growing

Yellow-naped Amazon was the Amazona species with the fastest growing population in this year. Sixteen birds have been imported or born so the total number is now 221. The number of Green-cheeked Amazon (147) and Lilac-crowned Amazon (194) is also increasing fast. Curiously, populations of rare Amazons like Red-tailed Amazon (93) or Red-browed Amazon (135) are also growing. The current number of the Red-spectacled Amazon is 124 birds.

Another CITES I species becoming more and more populat is the Golden Conure. At this moment, there are 224 birds registered in the Czech Republic.

It is important to mention that birds registered before 2004 are not included in this statistics.


Title photo: (c) Lubomir Tomiska


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