Dirk van Abeele is going to publish his most extensive monograph about lovebirds

February 2nd, 2016 | by LubosTomiska
Dirk van Abeele is going to publish his most extensive monograph about lovebirds

Lovebirds are one of the most popular parrots in the world. They are attractive for pet owners but for breeders as well. Therefore we are glad to announce that one of the greatest experts in lovebirds is going to publish his most extensive monograph about this group of parrots and it will be in English language!

Dirk van Abeele comes from Belgium and has been interested in parrots since he was ten years old. He developed an interest in lovebird genetics at early age:

“When I was about fifteen years old, I spent ages wandering through markets and through shops, searching for books about birds and especially for information on how the specific colours developed,“ said Dirk.



Fischer’s Lovebirds (Agapornis fischeri)


The author is also involved in foreign associations with intensive research activities:

„Later I started to study genetics and pigmentation and in 1999 I became involved in MUTAVI, Research & Advice Group in The Netherlands. Within MUTAVI, a lot of research has been conducted into pigment abnormalities related to mutant phenotypes of which the origin or inheritance is not yet completely clear,“ he added.


The author participates on research of lovebird genetics and breeding

After many years spent in field and theoretical research Dirk decided to wrote his first book “Agaporniden” (Loverbirds) which included all basic information about the genus. Because this publication received very positive reviews he decided to publish another publication “Kweken met agaporniden” (Breeding of Lovebirds) with focus on breeding. Both mentioned books were print in lower number of copies but because of good reviews those have been published also in a few foreign languages.



Dirk van Abeele


However, most of breeders will probably now publications “De roseicollis en zijn mutaties” (Peach-faced Lovebirds and their mutations) from 2002 or “Agaporniden, handbook en naslagwerk” (A guide to Lovebirds) from 2005 which became one of the most interesting avicultural publications ever and has been translated to English, Czech, Spanish, Italian and German language.

In the same year Dirk established a new association: “In 2005 I founded Ornitho-Genetics VZW in Belgium. Ornitho-Genetics is an independent non-profit organization which concentrates mainly on genetics, evolution, taxonomy and study & preservation of birds in their natural habitat, “ he said.

Also foreign experts participate on this project. „To support these research results, a world-wide collaboration has been set-up with experts,  scientists, universities and museums. The results of these researches are published regularly, both electronically and in books, or in various ornithological magazines.“


The new book is going to be published in limited edition

During the last few years the author has focused more and more on the research of lovebirds in their natural habitat. In 2009 he studied Agapornis roseicollis in Namibia and in 2010 and 2013 he volunteered for a study into Agapornis lilianae in Liwonde National Park in Malawi.

Since 2014 Dirk has been participating as associate study leader in Ms Henriette van der Zwan’s study to sequence the genome of the genus Agapornis .


lovebird book

The new book Lovebirds Compendium


This year is going to be turning in his career because a new English publication with about 800 pages and more than 500 photos will be published. It’s been fully updated with the latest findings about mutations, genetics and taxonomy of lovebirds. However, the edition is limited and therefore it’s necessary to reserve it up to the end of April 2016.

Price: US$ 100

Reserve your book today: management@aboutpets.info

More-info: www.ornitho-genetics.info



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