Prague ZOO has raised four Edward’s Fig Parrots

November 30th, 2016 | by Jan Potucek
Prague ZOO has raised four Edward’s Fig Parrots
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The record number of Edward’s Fig Parrot (Psittaculirostris edwardsii) babies has been bred at Prague ZOO within this year. In the whole history, the ZOO raised 10 chicks of this rare species which, as its name indicates, is specialized in feeding of figs in the wild. Therefore, representatives of Prague ZOO consider this success to be one of the greatest highlights of this year. At the same time, they say that there are just a few zoological institutions which keep this rare parrot.

„Despite the fact that the Edward’s Fig Parrot has been kept at more European ZOOs, today it is found only at three institutions, including ZOO Prague,“ said representatives of the zoo. This species inhabits lowlands in the northwestern part of New Guinea. The genus Psittaculirostris is typical for its squat body and short tail. During the winter, fig parrots should be kept in indoor facilities and because of that Prague ZOO placed this species to the Indonesian Jungle greenhouse.


In the Czech Republic bred since 2000

In the wild, the fig parrots are found in forests but also parks or orchads. They feed on different various species of figs, nectar, insects and larvaes. Some people unify them with lories despite the fact that difference in their habits is significant. First individuals have been imported to Europe at 80’s to Germany. A couple of private breeders have bred them successfuly at that time as well as birdpark Walsrode.

In the Czech Republic, this species was bred in 2000 for the first time. Three years later, Prague ZOO raised another chick. At this moment, more Czech breeders (e.g. Milena Vankova) keep this species.


Title photo: (c) Lubomir Tomiska

Video: (c) PatricMinpla, YouTube


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