Al Wabra has already 100 Spix’s Macaws, two chicks are being raised under their parents

June 13th, 2016 | by LubosTomiska
Al Wabra has already 100 Spix’s Macaws, two chicks are being raised under their parents
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After a huge success from the last year when 16 Spix’s Macaw babies were raised in Qatar, Al Wabra is breaking new records. In the last week, the 17th chick of this season was hatched.

„To add to this success, a new era has started, we would also like to announce that we have 2 Spix’s macaw chicks been parent reared, they are been monitored and the parents are doing a fantastic job, the parent reared Spix’s are now currently 6 weeks old and looking good,” said Al Wabra representatives on their official Facebook page.

“We have been training pairs and are hoping over the coming years to have the majority of chicks parent reared,” they added.

It seems that the record of 17 chicks raised within one season might be still improved. “The season is not over yet although it is waning as we near the end.”

Because of the huge success in Qatar, the total number of Spix’s Macaws living in captivity was increased to 144. This should also speed up return of the species back to the wild.



Spix’s Macaws will be released soon

Originally, the first birds were supposed to be released in 2019. According to Brazilian government, the captive population needs to have at least 150 individuals to make the release real. Thanks to success of Al Wabra and ACTP in the last couple of years, it is likely that this number will be reached much sooner.

The last wild Spix’s Macaw disappeared in 2000. Since that time, the species is considered to be extinct in its natural habitat.


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