310 Blue-fronted Amazons confiscated in Argentina

January 11th, 2016 | by LubosTomiska
310 Blue-fronted Amazons confiscated in Argentina
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A large group of parrots was illegally smuggled to Argentinian city San Cristobal which is found in Northern Argentina, 170km north of Santa Fé. The incident happened in early morning hours last Monday and the birds were transported in a white car Ford Fiesta. The news was brought by daily UNO Santa Fe.

Policemen from PSV (Policía de Seguridad Vial) arrested smugglers on juction of roads 39 and 2 which is located just 1km from the center of San Cristobal. There are three suspected offenders at age of 23, 29 and 38 years. During the raid, police confiscated 310 Blue-fronted Amazons (Amazona aestiva). As it’s obvious from the photo not a single parrot was weaned. Birds were immediately placed at sanctuary La Esmeralda.



The original destination of these birds is unknown. Amazon parrots are still popular species for trappers as they can become great pets. Therefore, it’s suggested that parrot smugglers would sell them at national pet market. Similarly, 20 Red-lored Amazonas were confiscated in Mexico two months ago.


Title photo: UNO Santa Fe


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