WPT seeks volunteers for Red and Green Macaw conservation project in Argentina

December 15th, 2015 | by LubosTomiska
WPT seeks volunteers for Red and Green Macaw conservation project in Argentina
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Do you love parrots? Would you like to experience adventure and help to save endangered parrot species in the wild? Then you should consider following offer.

World Parrot Trust (WPT) which was found in 1989 and helps to save many endangered parrot species all over the world is looking for volunteers who will participate on conservation project protecting Red and Green Macaws and also to saving local ecosystem in Argentina.

In 2013, Dr. Igor Berkunsky and also other people from WPT started working on a Red and Green Macaw recovery project sponsored by Coservation Land Trust (CLT). CLT has been cooperating with government of Corrientes and authorities related to nature conservation since 2005. Their main priority is to restore area’s original ecosystem and promote conservation through eco-tourism.



According to World Parrot Trust official websiteRed and Green Macaw projects’s goals are following:

  • Build a network of zoos and breeders in Argentina to provide individual macaws to be released to the wild
  • Build an aviary for hold the birds prior to release
  • Train the birds to recognize local foods, predators and habitat
  • Reintroduce the birds to the wild
  • Equip a field station in N Corrientes to continue to study wild macaw


Description of volunteers’s work:

They are going to work in two areas – location where macaws will be released and then in a captive center near to city Paso de la Patria. Volunteers will help with introducing the captive macaws to their natural diet, observe their behaviour, collecting native foods etc. There are also many research activities including survey of cavities, phenology studies etc.


Do you need to be qualified for this job?

You don’t need any special education. However, applicants have to be ready to work in rustic living conditions. Volunteers who can speak Spanish are preferred. Minimal stay of 2 months is required.


What do I have to pay for?

Every volunteer has to get to Corrientes or Ituzaingó on his or her own. Apart from that, we ask to pay 50 USD per week to cover cost for food, accommodation and internet.


Get more info on World Parrot Trust


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