White mutation of Seychelles parrot found on Praslin Island

September 9th, 2015 | by LubosTomiska
White mutation of Seychelles parrot found on Praslin Island

We know about observation of parrot mutations in many species in the wild. There are blue Rainbow lorikeets found in Australia, blue Blue and Gold Macaws in South America and many other examples. However, natural coloration in some parrots is not typicaly green, yellow or red and so it may be difficult to imagine how such bird should look like when it looses its pigment.

On 18th July, Seychelles News Agency brought us a report about observation of an extraordinary Seychelles Parrot. This species is normally black-brown but the bird found by a Praslin resident – Lindy Oreddy was very different.

„This is the first time I have seen such a thing – a white black parrot (Black parrots found on Praslin Island have been recently recognized as Seychelles parrots (Coracopsis barklyi)“, said Oreddy for SNA. „I saw the bird the first time over three weeks ago; it was on this electricity pole“ she added.



Oreddy recorded her discovery

We often hear about fake records of rare birds all over the world but this one is true. Lindy Oreddy showed her discovery to several other people and she also recorded the white Seychelles Parrot on her camera. Oreddy informed a well-known environementalist Victorin Laboudallon about her findings.

“I gave them photos I had taken that morning [three weeks ago], but since then I had not seen it again, except on Monday this week. On Monday it was on a mango tree and then it came onto the Jamalac tree [fruit tree]; apparently it was with another black parrot which was feeding it at the same time,” said Oreddy for SNA.


white vasa2

(c) Lindy Oreddy Photo License: CC-BY


What mutation is that?

There are several kinds of mutations responsible for the pigment loss. When we look at that photo it’s not obvious if bird’s eye is red or black and so it may be difficult to call the mutation type.

SNA asked for opinion from the director of Seychelles Island Foundation Dr Frauke Fleischer Dogley who said following:

„Colour variants in parrots are possible – this is why we see yellow or blue ring-parakeets for example. They are parrots which have rare genetic alleles or mutations. Being white, in fact,doesn’t mean it is an albino – we would have to see more detailed photographs of or have the parrot in the hand to confirm this.“


white vasa3

(c) Lindy Oreddy Photo License: CC-BY



Title photo: (c) Lindy Oreddy

Photo License: CC-BY


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