The Loro Parque Fundación welcomes their first clutch of eggs

July 27th, 2017 | by Rafael Zamora Padron
The Loro Parque Fundación welcomes their first clutch of eggs

Loro Parque Fundación is pleased about the first eggs. The females of most bird species are fed by the males during this phase. It may also happen that the female herself goes for food search and the male takes care during this time of the nestlings. This synchronized behavior can be observed especially in harmonic pairs. In the case of non-harmonizing couples, it may well happen that the young male does not feed the female because of his inexperience and also prevents them from leaving the nest. The birds are therefore always observed during this time in order to prevent the female from starving.

In such cases, we must take the necessary measures. We remove, for example, the nest or try to strengthen the relationship of the bird pair. The brood can be lost in these situations. When this happens, we try to form new harmonizing pairs. It often helps to place the pair of birds in a new aviary, where the relationship, through the community life with like-minded birds, will consolidate again. If none of these actions help, the male is provided with a special diet. It is important that the male regurgitates the feed immediately after the feed intake in order to feed the female. We have increased the daily number of vegetables, so that the male can always offer something to the female.  In the case of the cockatoos, we use alfalfa and hibiscus flowers in these procedures.


2 Pionites leucogaster leucogaster

Pionites leucogaster leucogaster


In order to achieve a successful breed, not only the mating is required. It is also important that the couple love each other well, spend a lot of time together, sleep close together and feed each other. In the case of young couples, breeders must take every step of the procedure well in order to avoid the frequently occurring faults and to achieve a high fertility rate. In the Loro Parque Fundación we have achieved the desired results thanks to these guidelines. The different groups of birds breed at the same time and this helps us in their attitude and, if necessary, to turn on adoptive parents. The fact is that the pairs stimulate each other during breeding. That is why we keep many bird species together. Each bird species has its own peculiarities and individualities. It is important that we recognize the habits and needs of each species in order to know whether they prefer to live isolated or need visual and auditory contact with other parrots.


DCF 1.0

Freshly hatched cockatoo baby


The Loris, which were born at the beginning of the year, are beginning now their emancipation phase. We provide them with all the fruit as an option and so they can develop their motor skills. The interaction with their conspecifics is important in this phase because it stimulates the nutrition intake and development of competences and promotes the ability of every species. These weeks will be of decisive importance for the rainbow lorikeet (Trichoglossus moluccanus) for their future wellbeing. The symposium of the German renowned Association for Species Protection, Aviculture and Bird Breeding (Artenschutz, Vogelhaltung und VogelzuchtAZ) was held in Karlsruhe Zoo in April. Loro Parque Fundación participated in the symposium to exchange knowledge and experiences.


3 AZ Rafa

Scientific Director of Loro Parque Fundación Rafael Zamora at AZ symposium in Karlsruhe


4 AZ Rafa

Rafael Zamora

It is a significant event, coordinated by its President, Karl-Friedrich Scharrelmann, who brought together outstanding personalities of German ornithology. Many of them have been in the AZ Association for more than 40 years and have enriched us with their experience and knowledge about breeding and conservation. On this occasion it was also talked about the coming Parrot Convention. The participants already saved the date for the IX International Parrot Convention. Interesting anecdotes were told about previous editions and the welcoming surprises of Loro Parque Fundación. The oldest breeding veterans were proud of the long-standing and loyal participation in each edition and can hardly wait until the next convention.


5 Referenten mit AZ Präsidenten

Speakers with the AZ president


author: Rafael Zamora Padrón, Scientific Director of Loro Parque Fundación

Title photo: (c) Loro Parque Fundación


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