The extinct Spix’s Macaw spotted in the wild after disappearing for 15 years

June 25th, 2016 | by LubosTomiska
The extinct Spix’s Macaw spotted in the wild after disappearing for 15 years
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VIDEO IN – Brazil announced an unbelievable sighting of the extinct Spix Macaw in the wild. On the last Saturday, local farmer Nauto Sergio Oliveira from Curaçá (Bahia) saw a bird which is considered to be extinct since 2000. The rare parrot has also been spotted by his wife Lourdes Oliveira and daughter Damily Oliveira. Next day after the first observation both decided to go to Barra Grande creek’s riparian forest. At 6:20 AM they not only saw the bird but also made a video record. Later, they sent it to biologists from the Society for the Conservation of Birds in Brazil (SAVE Brasil, BirdLife Partner).


Six people have seen the parrot then it disappeared

The Spix’s Macaw was observed in its natural habitat. Ornithologists and conservationists are not sure if the bird really comes from the wild or was released recently. SAVE Brasil director Pedro Develey believes in the latter explanation. He called together and expedition to Curaçá which should find and protect the parrot. In total, six people have seen the bird. The last sighting was announced on June 19th .



Pedro Develey is sure that recorded bird is the Spix’s Macaw. Bird vocalization in the video is a clear evidence. He assumes that the parrot was released by someone who kept it illegally. This person might be afraid of capture and decided to get rid of it. Conservationists are not sure if this bird is used to live in the wild. Therefore they would like to find it as soon as possible.


Title photo: (c) ACTP


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