Speakers of the X. International Parrot Convention: Sara Torres Ortiz

May 13th, 2022 | by LubosTomiska
Speakers of the X. International Parrot Convention: Sara Torres Ortiz

Country: Spain

Presentation: Intelligence on Psittacidae vs Cetaceans

Professional qualifications: Degree in Oceanography. Master in Biology – specialized in animal behaviour and bioacoustics. PHD student at Max Planck Institute for ornithology. Psychology student at UNED.

Sara Torres Ortiz is originally from Spain, where she completed her bachelor’s degree in Oceanography at the University of Cadiz and a master’s degree in living marine resources. After that, she moved to Denmark, where she became a researcher at South Denmark University and finished her master studies in Animal Behaviour and Bioacoustics in 2016.

Sara works on several research projects involving animal behaviour and bioacoustics, both in the field and the lab. When she started her job in Denmark in 2013, she was working as a trainer with a group of grey seals, cormorants and parrots participating in hearing and/or cognitive tasks. For many years, she has been part of several research projects with all types of animals, from whales to penguins. 

Currently, Sara works at Max Planck Institute located in Loro Parque, where she is doing her PHD with parrots and dolphins. Besides, she is studying a degree in Psychology by distance learning at the National University (UNED)

Source: https://www.loroparque-fundacion.org/congreso-papagayos/en/speakers/


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