Speakers of the X. International Parrot Convention: Jacobo Lacs

May 4th, 2022 | by LubosTomiska
Speakers of the X. International Parrot Convention: Jacobo Lacs

Country: Panama

Presentation: Maintenance and breeding of Central and South American parrots in tropical conditions

Named in many parts of the world as “the aviculturist’s aviculturist”, Jacobo Lacs was born in Lima, Peru and it is in Panama that he maintains an extraordinary wildlife breeding centre. With parrots as the undisputed protagonists, he keeps little-known species and some, such as the Azuero parakeet (Pyrrhura eisenmanni), endemic to Panama, which has managed to reproduce under his care for the first time in the world. Other species such as the blue-headed macaw (Primolius couloni), toucan species and 11 different bird species have also been bred under his care.

He also keeps extraordinary rarities of parrots with mutations that originated in nature and not by breeding selection.

Jacobo Lacs’ background with many species of birds is fascinating, where his experiences and understanding of aviculture is extraordinary.

His stock of birds is unique, but also of frogs, felines and other species that have come to his facilities as rescues. The keepers who work in their conservation centre were formerly hunters. Thanks to their teachings, in direct contact with the animals, they have changed, giving an important turnaround to their lives and to the local community.

Source: https://www.loroparque-fundacion.org/congreso-papagayos/en/speakers/


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