Private breeders started a breeding project for the Swift Parrot (Lathamus discolor)

August 19th, 2016 | by Nils Becker
Private breeders started a breeding project for the Swift Parrot (Lathamus discolor)
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In the last couple of years, population of swift parrots have decreased significantly in their natural habitat. The main reason for such rapid decrease is the sugar glider, an invasive mammal which attacks nests of swift parrots. Contrary to the bad situation in the wild, the captive population in Europe is large and stable. Many birds of this species are common in most of EU countries. For this reason, the GAV ( Gesellschaft für Arterhaltende Vogelzucht = Society for species conservation in aviculture) has introduced a breeding program for the Swift parrot. It is focused on mutation free and healthy birds and cooperates with the in situ researchers.



The goal is to reintroduce these parrots back to the wild, if necessary from Europe. But at first we need to gather breeders who would support the project with their birds. Initially, we only need basic information about the birds. Later a genetic analysis will be carried out to determine how closely related the birds are to establish a genetic base. Tests for illnesses (e.g. PBFD) will then follow. Every breeder who may support the project can join us and get more information. The program is organized by the GAV but membership to the GAV is not necessary. The GAV supports breeding of birds in their natural habitat and is open to breeders with the same idea.


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author: Nils Becker

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  1. colin ash says:

    I am interested in your programme to introduce aviary bred birds into the wild.
    At the moment i have 2 breeding pairs

  2. Péter Tóth says:

    I am Peter Toth from Hungary. I would like to join to the swift parrot rescue program if possible. I want to support the program with my own captive bred birds for release them to the wild if it is possible.

  3. Nigel Matthewman says:

    How do I join you to get swift parakeets back to the wild increasing numbers.

  4. Michael gardiner says:

    I am just setting up new aviary would like to know specifications required for breeding program of swift parrots.
    I am in Canberra.
    Can I help?

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