Lubica Necasova: We are not any smugglers

May 13th, 2015 | by LubosTomiska
Lubica Necasova: We are not any smugglers

It’s been already four years when a pair of Palm Cockatoos comming from the facility of Lubica Necasova was confiscated. Up to now, one bird is dead and we have no information about the second. How efficient is the work of authorities related to nature conservation? What is the picture of breeders in the public eye? What are their rights? We talked about these questions with Lubica who is one of the most respected persons in the Czech aviculture in a following interview.

You filed a criminal complaint against ZOO Jihlava because your female of the Palm Cockatoo (confiscated by the Czech Environmental Inspectorate) died there. However, police dropped the case. Will you appeal against this?

I didn’t filed the criminal complaint against ZOO Jihlava but against an unknown offender. However, later it was redirected to this ZOO. Police has interrogated some people but honestly, these people don’t know anything about birds so that’s why I appealed against it.

Any result so far?

We are still waiting and I think that it will take much time yet.

How many parrots have been confiscated at your place in total?

Three parrots and six turtles.

All parrots were Palm Cockatoos?

No, just a pair of Palm Cockatoos and a single Vinaceous Amazon.




According to the Czech Environmental Inspectorate this action named „Palm Cockatoo“ has been prepared for a long time. It was focused on illegaly imported birds where ring codes didn’t fit with CITES documents…

It wasn’t our case. All three Palm Cockatoos were bought in the Czech Republic. Their ring codes fit with the papers. As for the Vinaceous Amazon, the ring code covered the bordering text so somebody took a pencil and just highlighted the last numbers (we didn’t do it). We bought that bird 8 years ago and the previous owner brought it from Loro Parque. This owner got also an import permission for this bird from Czech Environmental Inspectorate and the ring code or papers have not been questioned that time. Now they are.

You say that Palm Cockatoos come from the Czech Republic. These birds were also bred here or imported?

They were imported but we bought them from the previous owner as officially registrated by the Czech Environmental Inspectorate .

You said in one czech TV that you don’t know about any mistake you made. Do you think that the previous owner did it?

I’m unaware of any mistake which I or the previous owner would make.

Can you describe the police intervention? Did you see it in person?

Yes, I did. The intervention can’t be realized without the presence of the owner. It happened just like in action movies. Very soon in the morning I suddenly heard: „Open the door, open the door or we will smash it!“ Six men got into our house, they had guns and handcuffs. They showed us the permission for the house search.




So how many people participate on the intervention? Only police officers?

There have been police officers, a consultant and two officials from the Czech Environmental Inspectorate. My husband stayed at home and I was brought to my vet clinic in Prague. The whole intervention took almost 24 hours and happened between 5:30 and 0:30.

I guess you have been sleeping when they got into your house…

At the first intervention we did. After three months another action happened. However, it was not the way as the first time. They just waited for my arrival to the clinic.

Why they visited you for the second time?

Easy answer – because they didn’t find anything for the first time and they couldn’t start the criminal prosecution. But they didn’t confiscate any birds at the second time…




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