Four Kea Parrot ( Nestor notabilis ) are being raised at Liberec ZOO

April 1st, 2016 | by LubosTomiska
Four Kea Parrot ( Nestor notabilis ) are being raised at Liberec ZOO


A unique success in Kea Parrot ( Nestor notabilis ) breeding was achieved at the beginning of this year at Liberec ZOO. The first natural breeding of this species occured there in the last year when the breeding pair raised one chick. In this year, they are raising four at this moment. This is even bigger success if we consider that at the beginning the birds were not reliable breeders at all. They broke their eggs in 2013 and 2014. In the latter year, second clutch was taken for artificial incubation and replaced by fake eggs. Three real eggs were hatched and birdkeepers hand reared the babies. In 2015, this Kea Parrot pair bred without any assistance for the first time.

Such success was not expected at all. Birdkeepers were surprised by parents behaviour: „They care for babies on their own without any problem. In the last year they had one chick, now they are having four,“ said zoologist from Liberec ZOO Jan Hanel for The only thing birdkeepers had to do was increase the amount of food so the Kea Parrot ( Nestor notabilis ) breeding pair can feed all the babies. „The amount of food was increased to 200% after the 15th day of age“, said Hanel. Composition is still the same, birkeepers only increased amount. During the nesting season the Kea Parrot pair stays in outside flight.



One of the Kea Parrots at Liberec ZOO (c) Liberec ZOO


Kea Parrot babies will leave Liberec ZOO

As soon as they fledge, visitors of Liberec ZOO will have a chance to see them. According to Hanel, Liberec ZOO will not keep them. „These animals are included in European Studbook, which means that they will be placed to another ZOO where the particular bloodline or sex is needed“, explained Hanel. There is no chance that these animals would get to private breeders. In 2014, artificially raised chicks were sent to Jasztrebeni ZOO in Hungary, Stockholm ZOO in Sweden and Wroclav ZOO in Poland.

Liberec ZOO is the only ZOO in the Czech Republic which is breeding the Kea Parrot ( Nestor notabilis ). However, they are also kept in Brno ZOO, Zlin ZOO and Pilsen ZOO. Prague ZOO is also planning to get this species. Kea Parrot is also being bred in several Czech private collections. The first one who achieved successful breeding in this country was Lubomir Palkovic in 2008. In the same year, Liberec ZOO added this species to their collection. According to IUCN Kea Parrot ( Nestor notabilis ) is classified as „vulnerable“. There are about 5000 individuals living in the wild. This parrot lives in mountains and can deal with extremely cold climate.


Title photo: (c) Liberec ZOO


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