Five biggest threats for your parrot

February 13th, 2015 | by LubosTomiska
Five biggest threats for your parrot

VIDEO IN – Do you have a parrot pet at home which can freely fly in the house? Then you should know that there are several things threating your bird. However, the animal can be in danger even if it is locked in the cage. We decided to set the five most dangerous risks:

1)Teflon dishes

Fumes from teflon dishes are toxic for parrots. After 2-3 minutes of using your teflon pan there are toxic gases leaking from the surface. These fumes cause injuries of lungs and suffocation later. The parrot doesn’t have to be in the same room and is still in danger. If the bird is at the same place then the death comes within few minutes. When the room is somehow connected with the source of toxic gases then it’s a matter of several hours.


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2)Avocado and parrots

One of a few fruits which are available freely in most of supermarkets and you definitely shouldn’t feed with. Avocado contains highly toxic persin. This agent is seriously dangerous for birds but some other animals as well. Its consumation leads to poisoning, hyperaemia of lungs, liver and spleen. Toxic is the flesh as well as the stone and peel. Parrots are dying several hours after consuming.

If we don‘t induce the regurgitation in our pet then there is no help. However, avocado has more than 100 varieties. Some of them are more or less toxic, several varieties are not toxic at all. Unfortunately, at the store we can’t distinguish toxic and harmless fruits.


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3)Room plants

It’s necessary to hide poisonous plants from parrots. Our pets love to play with new things in their beak and taste them. So if you have any plants in the room, just check if they are toxic or not. When the parrot already ate a piece of the plant, don’t panic. Mostly, leaves contain bitter aroma which discourages the pet. However, its tongue can be burned so we have to take the bird to visit the vet immediately. Don’t forget to take the plant with you.


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4)Buttons, small hooks and metal objects

Sometimes we can watch „funny“ videos on youtube where parrots play with various objects like nails, buttons etc. However, the fun is over when your pet swallows such thing. Birds love to explore new objects by their beaks, they try strength of the material a they always want to destroy it. That’s how little parts of whatever can get into the digestive system and block it.



5) Windows with no blinds, pots, knifes, …

It’s always necessary to control all reachable objects in the room. They can’t be sharp as the bird would cut itself. Don’t forget to cover your window if there are no blinds. It attracts the attention of parrots which actually don’t consider the glass as a barrier.

Kitchen can be very dangerous place for every pet. Don’t let your parrot to get in contact with dishes when you are cooking. It can get easily burnt by pots or pans.

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