Australian Palm Cockatoos threatened by bauxite mining

July 1st, 2016 | by LubosTomiska
Australian Palm Cockatoos threatened by bauxite mining
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Australian Palm Cockatoo population which has been recently classified as separated subspecies Probosciger aterrimus macgillivrayi is threatened by bauxite mining. This late news was brought by The Guardian. According to IUCN data, there are about three thousands individuals of this species living in the remote area Cape York which is found in the northern part of the continent.


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„Golden treasure“ found in their habitat

There are two main threats for the Palm Cockatoo in Australia – loss of natural habitat and bauxite mining. In the last year, ministry for the environment Greg Hunt had an analyse of bauxite mining consequences done . The results show that 85% of the the Palm Cockatoo habitat is found on bauxite deposits. According to current Australian law, the mining can be stopped just by government of the particular state, in this case Queensland.

Australia is the largest supplier of aluminium in the world. Price of this raw material is still growing as well as demand, especially from China. The deposit from Cape York is now the largest potential source of bauxite in the whole country.



The opposition promises strict law

“Palm cockatoo was an example of why a new set of stronger federal environmental laws were needed, which routinely considered cumulative impacts,” said Andrew Picone from the Australian Conservation Foundation for The Guardian. He also added that despite each mine having an insignificant impact on the overall population, the cumulative impact would be huge.

“The fact that it’s already listed under the EPBC act, that in all likelihood, unless we change the threats, it is going to go to extinct,” said Picone.

Because of above mentioned facts Australian Conservaton Foundation is calling for strict laws which would prevent mining at sites which are essential for survival of the Palm Cockatoo. Opposition parties are supporting this proposal.


Title photo: (c) Lubomir Tomiska


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