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March 31st, 2016 | by LubosTomiska



  1. Debasis Biswas says:

    Looking forward to learning

  2. Chris Gunn says:

    Hi i just love Mask and Fischer lovebirds over the last couple of years i have dedicated myself to these two breeds.And now i am starting to be rewarded with some nice birds the Opaline Fischer and a couple i think may turn out to be pieds.I look forward to some good reading from your subscriptions.
    Cheers Chris.

    • Roger Miller says:

      Hi Chris,I am from the Caribbean and I share your love for mask and fisher lovebirds any info would be greatly appreciated.

      Cheers Roger.

  3. Cheryl Timms says:

    Thank You for letting me join your group so I can gather more information on our birds.

  4. Dr Simon Tamungang says:

    I am the founder and Coordinator of the Cameroon Parrots Project (PARROTPRO),
    I am a research specialist on African Parrots and especially the Grey Parrot.
    I will like to collaborate with you on parrot research and conservation.
    You can google ( Google Scholar or Researchgate) my name [ Simon Tamungang] to read some of my publications.

  5. Karla says:

    Thanks for adding my name to your list of interested people. Had a yellow nape Amazon for 49 years, now getting to know an adopted Timneh grey. Looking forward to learning more about her family.

  6. Roger Miller says:

    I also love mask and fisher lovebirds and have recently been breeding the par-blue mutation.I am looking forward to the information sharing and knowledge.

  7. elton says:

    thanks for the add.

  8. thanx for adding me , Iwill gather a lot of information

  9. Thomas Smith says:

    I am looking forward to discussing many bird related issues on this forum and I do hope to have constructive answers. NOTE: I have spent most of my life, from a small boy stuying, researching, breeding and photographing birds globally. I donate much of my time, and art to raise much needed funds to help preserve (save) Endangeared native bird species (and native animals)both remain a passion.

    Welcome comments.

    Dr. Thomas Smith

  10. Ubaidullah says:

    hy i’m from pakistan tell me how to get EUwing new mutations?

  11. Pieter Du Preez says:

    Looking forward to the shared information of keeping birds.We are in South Africa and just started .So far we have Senegals , Sunconures , Maximillian Pionus and Orange wing Amazons.Currently feeding sunflower mix seed and soft food mix to the birds , but we do not really know what is best for the birds for nutrition , breeding and general health.

  12. Sohail Vohra says:

    Thank you for adding me. I love to hear from you the latest. I am glad to be a student of your expertise

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